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Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic- A revolution in Healthcare ??

After becoming CM Arvind Kejriwal set the priority of AAP’s government very clearly. Priorities were Bijli, Pani, Education and Healthcare. He handed over the responsibility of healthcare to one of his very trusted lieutenant, Satyendra Jain.

AAP’s think tank organisation DDC prepared the complete strategy of healthcare revolution in Delhi. The Strategy is to ensure every citizen will have access to healthcare facilities. Poor people should not suffer due to currently very costly healthcare facility. DDC made strategy to build three tier healthcare system in delhi.

First tier: Mohalla Clinic

Second tier: Poly Clinic

Third Tier: Super speciality hospitals

Mohalla Clinic-Mohalla clinic is healthcare facility at your doorstep. AAP planned to make around 1000 Mohalla clinic in first 2 years. This will ensure very easy access to healthcare facility ie free Doctor’s consultancy, free medicine and around 200 free basic tests. This is going to bring revolution in the field of healthcare. This means all citizen will have access to health care facility and will not die in the absence of treatment.

Mohalla Clinic has been praised by foreign media and leaders world wide.

“Delhi’s Mohalla Clinics should be a model for UHC in India possibly for the whole of South Asia”Kofi Annan, former UN General Secretary

Washington post published on article praising Mohalla Clinic and explained what US can learn from Delhi’s Mohalla clinic  for fixing its broken health care system.

Currently 159 Mohalla clinics and 20 poly clinics are operational in Delhi and around 26lakh people has taken it’s services of Mohalla clinic. Of the steps taken by Kejriwal Goverment to boost healthcare facilities in Delhi, it is the Mohalla Clinic that has attracted the citizens the most. But after the first clinic becoming operational in July 2015 in Peeragarhi, the government was supposed to start 1000 such Mohalla Clinic but due to non-cooperation from Centre and MCD it has just managed to start 159 clinic till now and have got approval of LG for another 250 clinics. If AAP wins MCD election then Mohalla Clinic project might see a speedy implementation.


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