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10 Reasons Why BJP Will Lose Delhi MCD Election 2017

The municipal election in Delhi is scheduled to take place on April 23, with the BJP likely to highlight the projects executed by three civic bodies in the last five years.
However what the campaigners for the ruling party will shy away from mentioning in their rallies will be host of projects that civic body failed to complete despite BJP being in power in all three civic bodies for two terms. Below 10 Reasons Why BJP Will Lose Delhi MCD Election 2017
(1) Garbage
* MCD is responsible for sanitation conservancy, public health
* It has failed to clean streets, waste disposal and has not done fogging despite knowing that heavy rains will bring forth disease
* In order to protect themselves from this bizzare they started blaming on Delhi government when death were occurring due to Dengue and Chikungunya
(2) Balak Ram Hospital
* Was to be upgraded to 200-bed facility
* Project was started in 2002
* Delayed due to change in plan and delay in policy making
(3) Corruption
* The website of MCD requires 12crore annually according to Rti whereas same website of Delhi Government requires 10lakh The website is static, no search functionality.
* There are thousands of ghost employees it means unaccounted people were given money from salary of Mcd workers
* MCD hasn’t asked for Rs 550crore announced by central government for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan . MCD was subject to large scale ghost employees scam where 22,853 employees were payed illegally which resulted in 100crore lost every year
(4) Parking
* At Rani Market and Shiva Market the space was to provide car parking facility for 600 people
* The process has been hanging since 2008
* The main reason for delay as per officials is no response to its tender
* North Delhi Corporation
(5) Lack of Face in BJP against Kejriwal
* While CM Arvind Kejriwal is still the favorite among people for his pro people activities. BJP Delhi Leader Manoj Tiwary has always found himself in controversies and doesn’t have any vision for MCD election
(6) Development
* While AAP is going door to door to tell people about their work in field of Health and Education sector. They have also done tremendous work in field of Water and Electricity. Whereas BJP is not able to tell their work in field of MCD under Bjp and rather than saying they are just promising that Delhi would be more clean if brought again into power.
(7) Rani Jhansi Flyover
* 1.6 km flyover will connect Filmistan Cinema to St Stephen Hospital
* Started in 2008
* Stuck due to delay in acquiring land and shifting utilities
* 65 % of work completed
* Interesting point is that the cost of Rani Jhansi grade separator in North Delhi has escalated from 177 crores to Rs 724 crore due to delay
(8) Encroachment
* One of the underrated problem is encroachment.
* Near every metro stations,lots of encroachment are existing while MCD ruled BJP hasn’t took any step AAP has assured to solve this problem that obstruct ways of hawkers, pedestrians
(9) Back Side of the House
* Sewer Blockage
* Broken Roads
* Cleanliness by MCD Sweepers
(10) Shahdara Lake
* Lake was to provide recreational facility for residents
* Started in 2012 it is still delayed
So as we have seen in past that Delhi is known for surprises will have to wait for results to come but predictions say AAP has an edge over other parties


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